Ode to Disneyland (cont.)

Mine train wheels
Dismiss their track,
Whipping past desert bluffs.
Prospecting for
Horseshoe plays a kooky tune.
Of red, red rock.
Horse tie posts for ancestral partners,
Western mayors who sing and
Dance. Venture down the
Trodden past, a path away from the west.

Childhood stories come to life
In a quaint Swiss village.
Frosty triangular mountain looms
Over petite saucers.
It’s easy to visit
Who fly, sing, fall, drive, become real.
Pink pinnacles pierce the
Frequented by a certain pixie.
Where horses ride round and round
And elephants fly the same direction.
A place for dreams to

Zany, colorful, penciled in
Is the place to visit next.
No right angled architecture.
Spin a car on the way to
Tune into animated conversations on the radio,
Meet some characters
Who decided to set up
A factory full of hilarious
Squeaks, quacks, barks.
Tricky puns and funny tricks
Call this place home.

Towering rocket--A TWA
With more inside the spacious mountain.
Buzzing around 3-eyed alien
Far, Far Away; toured with a golden robot.
Sleek, slender artifacts glide
On a solo beam
Over blue lagoon with
Floating yellow tubes with limited
Spun forward with the audience,
Witnesses of progress.
Only way is to look forward…
New visitors every tomorrow.

Horseless carriages and horse drawn buggies
Share the road.
Where locals ask to meet me down on
Street of shops
Which turned with the century.
A nine year-old boy’s dream of
Inspired millions with its night flashes.
With presidential nostalgia it stands.
Train whistle, ragtime, laughter
Employ the road.
A picture perfect place
And eternal lantern placed high above,

Sixty years and still young,
Lands of imagination sprawl,
With more to come.
One utterance you light
Up anyone’s face.