Respect her call

Insight:  Just like in sports, there are clearly defined sets of rules and boundaries when it comes to sexual consent.

Big Idea:  In every situation, the woman is the most important player and men must respect her call.

Credits:  Charlotte Duerden - Co-creator, Micah Wilkes - Art Direction

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This concept and campaign can extend into every major sport, and we decide to show how it would live in the world of baseball.


Campaign Element 1 - the Jerseys

At the beginning of the season, each player's uniform will feature the campaign logo that represents the campaign message when it comes to consent--you can't steal home base.


Campaign Element 2 - the Field

Each of the 2017 baseball opening games will feature a red baseline from home plate to third base. In addition, there will not be just one opening pitch thrown, but 23, each representing the 23% of women who will be assaulted during their time in college.


Campaign Element 3 - College Campuses

Messages printed on home plates will be scattered on college campuses in a number of unexpected places.